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Social Ads,
the Evolution
of Influencer Marketing

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Social Ads - best of both worlds

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Influencer Marketing stands out due to its credibility, emotionality and the inspiring content, that is delivered daily by the influencers to their audience. 

Combined with the targeting options, the scalability and the  measurability of Paid Media MArketing, you get the best out of two worlds: SOCIAL ADS

SOCIAL ADS - we impress with the unique combination of two worlds:

Paid Media and Influencer Marketing. Here, credibility, emotionality, and high-quality content from influencers meet scalability, measurability, and targeting options.



The influencer's organic content has large stray light losses, as their own target group does not match their followers. The target group of your brand is only partially reached.


With precise targeting on interests, location, age & gender, your relevant target group can be addressed directly. Maximum efficiency by avoiding stray light losses.



Social Ads wants to redefine your success in influencer marketing through simple ways. The advantage: Paid Media makes influencer campaigns measurable and scalable. Our motivation is to deliver the corresponding success to your brand - and thus to significantly increase brand engagement as well as ROI.


As a full-service agency, Social Ads is the next step in influencer marketing. We deliver uncomplicated and quickly implementable influencer campaigns - from conception to reporting. With this, we go the extra mile, far surpassing classic campaigns.


We get our data directly from social media itself - tamper-proof and near real-time. Our reporting dashboard is able to display all relevant details of your campaign with live reporting. No matter whether you want to measure performance or need figures on the target group: The reporting combines all-important KPIs in a clear presentation. Of course, all data can be exported to an Excel spreadsheet in no time at all.


four central advantages

Influencer  Marketing

Credible, authentic and

inspiring influencer content.

100 %  scaleable

Investments are scalable to

any reach or budget

perfectly  measurable

Precise tracking of the KPIs

produces accurately

measured results  

precise  Targeting

Ads are seeded to the exact target audience, just like in classic online marketing.

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Story Ads examples

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Skincerely Yours


Jules Mumm


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This is why Ads should be
seeded via the Influencer Accounts

Influencer ads

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Social ads are posts by influencers that are displayed with the attribute "sponsored". Here, the content does not reach the influencer's followers but is displayed to a precisely defined target group. The advantage: With the influencer as a mouthpiece, the perception in the target group is immediately much more positive, since the recommendation comes from a "real", tangible person and not from the brand itself.


Experience has shown that this can significantly increase the interaction rate and create a positive brand perception. Thanks to the credibility of the influencer, we take your marketing to a new level: we create communication and engagement for your target group and reach them - and we even make this measurable with data.

Brand Ads


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Social Ads provides you with extensive targeting options. No matter which target group you want to reach - we reach them. We can not only define factors such as demographic characteristics, gender or age but also go into detail: What interests does your target group have, what does their browser history look like? All this is also part of the targeting spectrum. In this way, we guarantee a precise distribution to the audience that is relevant to your campaign.


With our Real-Time Reporting Dashboard, you have an overview of the campaign performance at all times. You can analyse which influencer is performing best for you, which placement is working and which creative is most successful. In addition, you receive useful information about your target group in the Audience Insights: Where do the people who have interacted with my ads come from, which age group have I reached and who clicks on my ads most often? You receive this data almost real-time - so we can react quickly and adjust the important settings.

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custom solution

Maßgeschneiderte Kampagnen auf verschiedenen Socials mit erweiterten Targetingoptionen



We offer

Conceptional Consulting

Influencer Acquisition & Matching

Content Creation

Content Finetuning

Dynamic Ad Optimisation


We are a full service agency and plan a campaign with you - from the conceptual consultation to the acquisition of influencers to the creation and implementation. Always with a special focus on the individual needs of our clients. We carefully select our influencers for the respective campaign and coordinate them with you as the client. But content creation, as well as post-processing and campaign support are also essential parts of our service.

Each campaign is supervised by its own manager, who guarantees you holistic support throughout the entire implementation. Thanks to our Real Time Reporting Dashboard, we always have all the figures in view: This allows us to react quickly and guarantee you performance optimisation and play out your advertising to the right audience without the much feared wastage. We provide you with live insights into the performance of your campaign and the respective creatives.


2 Weeks


Offer & Confirmation

Influencer Acquisition 

Feedback Loop

Influencer signing

Content Creation

1 Week

Content Approval 

1 Week


3 Days

Dynamic Ad Optimisation (with multiple Influencers)

1 day

Content Finetuning

2 Weeks


1 day

First call




Extra services: further impressions 3 months 5%, 6 months 10%, 12 months 15%


ab 50k

Follower Retargeting

Website Retargeting

Full Funnel Strategies

Lookalike Audience

Conversion Campaign relief

Facebook Campaigns

TikTok Campaigns

YouTube Campaigns


Richard Heiman  |  CEO at Mikron

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